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About The Community

Creating legacies for future generations is our mission

Collabo Lab was inspired by challenges creative hustlers and artists experience when seeking collaborations with specialist professionals to grow their art into legacy businesses.

Our aim,

Is to provide a platform for creatives to collaborate in: 

  1. pioneering creativity and innovation

  2. establishing and growing businesses with a legacy brand

  3. growing individually as leaders and game changers.

The end game is to develop future leaders and foster entrepreneurship in Africa.

Who do we collaborate with?

Young and mature creative entrepreneurs, designers and artists who does not have access to the mainstream platforms that are currently in the market.

How do creative hustlers benefit from the community?

Online communities are a great place to converse and start conversations on a variety of topics.

That is the model we follow here at Collabo Lab in promoting a safe and engaging online space where creative hustlers can interact with each other and source products and services within.

Our community shares skills, exchanges opinions and is open to new ideas.

Through quality posts, engaging discussions and practical e-learning resources our platform brings creative hustlers together and strengthens the world of art.


Our Services

Here's a little black book to keep your hustle growing

Are you looking for services to move your hustle a tad forward and save a sweat?

We know how challenging that can be.

We've curated a set of business services essential to learn, start, formalise, grow your business and create a lasting legacy.

Entrepreneurial Growth Solutions

Grow your Mindset

We're constantly developing and sharing learning and growth, coaching and support solutions to help you get clear about the vision for your hustle and take necessary steps to bring it home.

The aim is to assist entrepreneurs and creatives in developing themselves, building resilience and turning business ideas into thriving a reality of innovative products and services and legacy brands.

Administration Services

Mind your Business with Confidence

Got so many hours in a day and piles of uninspiring admin you struggle with?

That's our kinda stuff, we will happily free up your creative time by providing a virtual administrative service to our subscribed community.

We provide an online collaboration platform for professionals in various fields thus creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurs that source business services within and share expertise among the community.

Lovezenwa Retail Collabos

Fulfillment Services

Promoting African creators' art and design work to the world is at the heart of our parent company's mission.

In partnership with Zenwa Retail Solutions (lovezenwa) we curate artists' work for online markets, exhibitions; assisting artists to establish a market for their wares.

Zenwa offers retail space that encourages innovation, collaboration and growth among various professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

Meeting and private event space for 15 or less

Where Great Minds Meet

Our facilities comprise a shared work-space, design studio and we have our business meetings here.

The space also serves as a meeting place for casual catch-up and special celebration settings with the community, friends and loved ones.

We're not always in the office, so we care enough to share the space with you too!


We're working with...

Successful Collaborations

Here's to the pioneers who're with us on building lasting African legacies through mutually beneficial collaborations


Neh Nji

Nene's Fashion

Joram Sibanda


Andrew 'DRU' Shamaila

Dark Cherry Wood Apparel

Fact 'R' Fire

Client Subtitle

Nomna Academy

Ignite Passion

Zenwa Concepts

Celebrate YOU! One of a Kind

The Kitchen@

Good Home Food


Creative Synergy

News & Resources

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Got something to share? Let us know what you think.

We’re always working to make improvements and would be more than happy to address your questions, comments or concerns.


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